Setting Up Your Email on Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) Print

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To set up your email, it's fairly easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Setting up the email on your phone will allow you to stay in contact wherever you are. Set up your email manually with Outlook, Thunderbird, or your mobile email iPhone, Android, Blackberry.

Display Name: Your name as you want it to be shown. Sometimes it will ask at the end of the setup.

Email address: Enter the full email address of your domain with Websnoogie (

Type of connection: POP or POP3 (you can also choose IMAP). Incoming email server (where it ask for the POP):

Outgoing email server (where it ask for the SMTP):

Check where mail server does require authentication.

Incoming mail port (in outlook under the advanced tab): Port 110 for POP or POP3, use port 143 if you are using IMAP.

Outgoing mail port (in outlook under the advanced tab): Port 25 If it does not work, use port 26 for your outgoing mail server (SMTP). Some internet providers block port 25.

Your user account name: It must be the full email address ( and **not just your username by itself.

Your Password: The password you have chosen for that email account. *** SSL CERTIFICATE ACCOUNTS *** *For SSL use ports 995 for pop, 993 for IMAP (pop and IMAP are incoming), and port 465 for SMTP (outgoing).

The server does require authentication, and use the same credentials as login

Your outgoing and incoming server domain will be assigned when we set up the SSL. (eg., Check the box in the area where the server does require SSL.Select type from the list, SSL.

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