Our Customer Base is Gaining More Nonprofits

  • 9th May 2017
We are gaining more nonprofit organizations every day because of our pricing structure. Our nonprofits enjoy the reliability of our hosting and also the award winning customer support that we provide. We had a client from a nonprofit that we hosted two websites for, and they are not moving all six accounts for their organization over to ...
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CloudFlare setup is now free with all Websnoogie Accounts

  • 14th March 2017
Many designers would like to use CloudFlare, and we offer free setup and use of CloudFare on our servers. CloudFlare is a useful application that performs a couple of things. First, it speeds up your website, and second, it decreases risk. CloudFlare has their fire wall that will help better protect your websites. Cloudflare also has several ...
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Building for a Better Tomorrow

  • 1st February 2016
We are going to be adding several new features to our client portal in the next few months that will add greater ease of use, and make building your website simplier than ever. Stay tuned for more information!
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We Recommend a Dedicated SSL for Everyone

  • 27th October 2014
We are now recommending that every website should have an SSL certificate. We have several reasons for this decision including better security, and now having a valid SSL is considered a ranking signal from Google. The cost of a SSL relatively minimal, but it helps to protect your visitors from having their information stolen. Feel free to contact ...
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